Thursday, 26 February 2015

Local Sightings 21-26th Feb 2015

Blackwit,Barwit & Curlew ( Copyright T D Wright )
Well it's fairly quiet really, still a Greylag on Bridge marsh, still a Barwit on the Estuary, a lone Gadwall on Monday 23rd, and the Firecrest still at Seaton Hole to 25th at least.                 
Wren ( Copyright T D Wright )
Firecrest ( Copyright T D Wright )
I spent some time on Tuesday and Weds. trying to photograph the Firecrest but this was all I got!   
Firecrest ( Copyright TD Wright )
Firecrest ( Copyright TD Wright )
Yes, you can just see enough bright green mantle to i.d. it! Fortunately, other species were more co-operative...                    
Long-tailed Tit ( Copyright TD Wright )
Wren ( Copyright TD Wright )            
Goldcrest ( Copyright T D Wright )
The Dunnocks were singing while the Blackbirds fed on Ivy berries...                        
Blackbird ( Copyright T D Wright )
Dunnock ( Copyright T D Wright )
Anyhow, sorry the Firecrest pics weren't better but I'll try again soon. At least I saw it OK and it called a lot, even 'singing' at one point ( if you can call it that ). Dare I say it? "Not a bad day in the Hole"...Ouch... C U next post.

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