Monday, 23 October 2017

Cattle Egret at Dusk

I had a Cattle Egret from the gate by the tramline level crossing near the White Hart
pub at dusk on Sunday. My tweeted picture has already wrinkled a few noses, therefore I'm leaving this blog post as text-only for non-twitter folks!


Marine Hydrozoan Siphonophore, Seaton Beach, 21/10/2017 (Copyright T D Wright)
Portuguese Man-O'-War, Seaton Beach, 21/10/2017 (Copyright T D Wright)
Thanks to a Brianstorming Session on Saturday, I finally connected with a beached flotilla of Blue bottles. It's also worth noting that lots of storm-driven detritus covered the high-tide strandline. Cuttlefish, Dogfish and various seaweeds torn up by the roots were testament to Brian's power....
Cuttlefish, Seaton Beach, 21/10/17 (Copyright T D Wright)
Seaton Beach, 21/10/2017 (Copyright T D Wright)
Cuttlefish, Seaton Beach, 21/10/2017 (Copyright T D Wright)
Portuguese Man-O'-War, Seaton, 21/10/17 (Copyright T D Wright)
Look at the tentacles leading away from this one (above) careful out there folks!
From Seaton beach, 21/10/17 (Copyright T D Wright)

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Quick Update

I've not had much time - or much luck - for birding this week. Today, I managed a quick walk along Seaton beach but all the Portuguese Men O' War (hope useaproperplural finds that acceptable!) were gone so too late for me to add to the vast array of photographs of 'em. Still, I did see a Wheatear on the beach and the Bar-tailed Godwit was flying around the bay with its Oystercatcher mates before returning to the estuary.
                                      I've not connected with the Firecrest & Hawfinch influx yet but I'm trying to find them around Colyton ... which could take a while. Last night, I walked back from the bus stop in the dark and could hear Redwing-like calls overhead. Shame I couldn't see if they were Starlings or other thrush species mimicking them. A sonograph would help but I don't carry that sort of equipment around with me! Happy birding everyone 😈😊 !

Monday, 9 October 2017

For Non-Twitterers

Just so those of you who don't get my tweets can catch up with anything of note really. Yes, I have had complaints! An adult Yellow-legged Gull found by IMc on Saturday 7th Oct. was my only reward from Tower hide, although people had earlier seen Cattle Egret (at Seaton marshes today) and a Bittern drop into the reeds 'opposite' Tower. We still had a couple of waders about but many have moved on. 5 Dunlin looked suspiciously like alpina birds. One each of Little Stint, Greenshank and Ruff was all I could muster besides the Blackwits, Curlews and Oyks plus the increasing numbers of Lapwing and Redshank. A Marsh Harrier eluded me but was well seen by other locals and photographed by Sue Smith I believe. I checked Colyton Wastewater Treatment Works Sunday but only had Browncap, Chiffchaffs & Goldcrests there. A couple of Stonechat along Cownhayne was an improvement on nothing...oh and Siskins are about so  'listen up' too! Redwings very soon I reckon...