Tuesday, 20 May 2014

let's try again!

OK Here's another attempt to post pics which has failed. I'm fed up now so I'm logging off.Here is a picture of a Long-tailed Duck.

Phonescoping Lesvos

Hello viewers, I've been trying and failing to post something so here we go again! It seems I can't use my phonescoped pics as there's no port for my memory card (and there's no port for my camera card either)so I need a different computer! Bye for now, Tim   ...UPDATE !!ONLY 6 MONTHS IN THE MAKING!!This Nightingale serenaded us during our stay on Lesvos; as you can see, Lesviot 'gales are easier to photograph than British ones!Watch this space for more pics(not necessarily phonescoped though).                    

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

a toe in the water

Greetings fellow Earthbound life-forms,   This is an initial post to get my 1st ever blog started. I intend to publish photos of my birding expeditions here,as well as sharing the occasional thought with you (if I have any). Please watch this space and pray for the advent of computer competence.Here is a picture of a Long-tailed Duck.