Thursday, 28 January 2016

Colyton Sightings 23-28th Jan

I had a fantastic 1stWinter Merlin briefly by Chantry Bridge on Monday 25th at dusk. No pics though!

Seaton Sightings 21-28th Jan

Siskin,Redpoll & Goldfinch ( Copyright T D Wright )
Siskin, Redpolls & Goldfinches ( Copyright T D Wright )
Well this must be the BEST winter Seaton Marshes reserve has had since I moved here. Not only is the Glossy Ibis still around and numerous Shoveler on North Flood but now we even have Siskin to accompany the Redpoll and Goldfinches. Today, I stopped my bike along Merchants Lane and was rewarded with male and female Siskins perched nicely albeit briefly. Apparently, several locals inc. Ian Mc & Mike Hill saw them plus Redpolls at Borrow Pit this morning. All I had at BP was Long-tailed Tits but that's OK. There was also adult Med Gull from the hide...

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Glossy & Redpoll Seaton Marshes

Glossy Ibis, Seaton 07/01/2016 ( Copyright T D Wright )
Glossy Ibis, Seaton 07/01/2016 ( Copyright T D Wright )
Well my first 2016 visit to Seaton Marshes today was quite successful. First, I checked the North flood where 2 Shoveler - a drake and a femaletype - fed among the Teal. Then, from the Hide, the Glossy Ibis put on a fine display. It flew to the area between Black Hole & Seaton Marshes after treating us to several passes. A Kingfisher and 2 Stonechat were also visible from here. Finally, I tried the path North of the C.P. and picked out a Redpoll among the myriad Goldfinches. Apparently we've had 2 around the Borrow Pit but I couldn't see any there. Still, one was enough...

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Black Reds & Red-throats

Black Redstart, Seaton 06/01/2016 ( Copyright T D Wright )
Black Redstart, Seaton 06/01/2016 ( Copyright T D Wright )
Black Redstart, Seaton 06/01/2016 ( Copyright T D Wright )
Having spotted this 'Crack' Redstart on Monday, I returned to Seafield Gardens today armed with telescope and phone. I even saw a second bird, a first-winter on nearby rooftops, but the star of the show was undoubtedly this stunning male. Hope the phonescoped shots are OK; I couldn't be arsed to take the DSLR on the bus as well. (Yes, I've given up on the car). Goldcrests and Chiffchaffs were also present, and when I pointed my scope at the sea I saw 2 distant Red-throated Divers powering West toward Beer Head, occasionally lifting their heads up to make sure they didn't crash into it. Then it was heads down and wings going full-pelt. A few minutes later, a solo RTD went past much closer; flying right by the rafts of Wigeon. Sadly, the Great Whites have not been reported today. Anyone see which way they went?!

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Great Whites (x2)

Another walk along Cownhayne today produced nothing new but with the flooding subsided I got through to the A3052 and scanned Bridge Marsh. No ducks except Mallards but then I panned across to the raised bank beside the Coly and was amazed to see 2 Great White Egrets sticking their bendy necks above the 'parapet'. Their massive yellow bills had me texting everyone but whilst doing so I lost them. I don't think they flew but even if they did, they can't have gone far. Let's hope they're still around in the morning for people to see. Ian Mc & Phil joined me but no luck for them sadly. IM gave me a lift to BHM where the Glossy Ibis showed from Tower Hide. Cheers Ian!                            
Colyton Flooding 3/01/16 ( Copyright T D Wright )
This was the confluence of the Coly & Umbrook on Sunday. Never seen it like this before.                
Colyton Flooding 03/01/16 ( Copyright T D Wright )
Colyton Flooding 03/01/16 ( Copyright T D Wright )
And above you can see the Coly and its temporary parallel 'Son-of-Coly' offspring.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Not Another Black Redstart!

Well it's been a corking start to 2016. On Saturday, I had a 1stWinter Black Redstart at the Yacht Club but today - literally just now - I did even better with a stunning male Black Redstart at Seafield Gardens. What a superb Start! Yes, the punning will remain for 2016. As for 2015, it ended in fine style for me when I dropped in at Colyton Water Treatment Works on 27th December and had a fine male Firecrest among a throng of small birds then 3 Barnacle Geese which Phil Abbott had reported. Yesterday, I couldn't get to there as Cownhayne was flooded so I scanned the 'fields' next to the Axe and had lots of Fieldfare plus the astonishing sight of an Otter fishing in broad daylight in the temporary floods. It did OK too, catching what looked like an eel and munching away. Only my 2nd Patch Otter in 4 years. Welcome to the New Year...