Thursday, 3 November 2016


It always feels like a juicy bonus to get good birds in November with so little daylight to look for them in. For me especially just now it's difficult getting about as I'm suffering back and abdominal pain caused by whacking into a sunken drain whilst cycling - Ouch! But today I just had to visit Borrow Pit to see my first patch Pochard in 5 years of intense birding around Seaton. I vaguely remember seeing one back in the 1990s when visiting the area but that wasn't the same as today's as this wasn't my patch back then. Steve Waite must have creamed his coffee when he stumbled upon it this morning! Also, Ian had a McSpoonbill from Tower Hide today. All I've managed is to notice Mistle Thrushes and Grey Wagtails much in evidence in Colyton Churchyard and Seaton Marshes (St. Leonard's? St. Michael's?) Churchyard which seemed quite a coincidence. At Seafield Gardens just now there was no sign of any Black Redstarts although Bun had 3 there earlier in the week. I'm now planning to look for Firecrest at various local haunts - if I can still manage to walk...

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