Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Littoralis Rockits

Scandinavian or littoralis Rock Pipit, Colyford Common, 10/03/2018 (Copyright T D Wright)
This is the best picture I could manage of one of Ian McLean's Scandinavian Rock Pipits, of which he had 4 on Saturday. They are variously known as littoralis, Rockits & Litt. Ripits. The latter is my own preferred choice but anyhow you can just about make out a pinkish flush on their breast at this time of year. This bird was not a Water Pipit as its mantle was very blue-grey, it had too much streaking on its underparts and its bill was very long 'n' strong. We did still have 4 Water Pipits here on Saturday but without any flushing yet. We've also had oodles of Mipits so much sifting 'n' sorting was required. All good fun!

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