Monday, 4 November 2019

Birding Again!

After a 5-week period of not having time to visit the Wetlands, I finally re-acquainted myself with BHM and Coly Common yesterday. A Tufted Duck and 7 Shoveler were on the former but only one Dunlin.
From Tower hide a Greenshank was visible.Then a suspiciously yellow-legged larid caught my eye. I thought it had a stonking bill and was as big as the Herring gulls close by. However, its closed primaries had too much white on them for an immature bird. I don't think it was a full adult so it may have been a hybrid. Its mantle colour was about right for either. Mike Blaver was still watching it when I left so I hope he got better pictures of it than the phonescoped video I posted on Twitter.
Coly Common was disappointing but a Cattle Egret was on Bridge Marsh. A Greenshank appeared on the scrape so may have been a second bird.

Today, I managed a brief visit to Axe Yacht Club but all the Black Redstarts were along the street to the west of the coastguard cottages. Four of them were seen, including a striking male.
Over the road, a Common Sandpiper was on the estuary.

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