Saturday, 12 May 2018

Garganey - A Crackling Bird!

Well I've been so busy with work lately that it's been impossible to get this blog updated. Even today, I'm being frustrated by the inefficiency of modern computers and their related software applications. I'm of the opinion that the creators of Microsoft should be put on trial for crimes against humanity. They should also refund all of the money they've taken from people for products which are not fit for purpose. This would bankrupt them overnight and a good thing too.
       Anyway, since I last blogged I've found a few interesting things. The  Garganey at Borrow Pit was a fantastic surprise as I was looking for insects there due to the lack of birding action. This library computer will not allow me to show you any of my photographs of it so text only I'm afraid. The 'crackling' call was nice to hear in the intimate surroundings of Borrow Pit; especially as I had the place to myself (to begin with!). Lars Jonsson once described it as sounding like somebody dragging their finger across the teeth of a comb. Well, each to their own but I thought it sounded like a roding Woodcock's croaking call. A rare treat to have a drake Garganey in close proximity.
     On Bank Holiday Monday I visited Walters Mound and enjoyed a 'rattle battle' between 2 Lesser Whitethroats. I even saw one chase the other out of its territory. I also heard one singing at Colyford and at Colyton WTW so an arrival of LWs seems to have occurred. I'm now out of time so will add more news when I can get onto a computer that works!


Garganey, Borrow Pit, 06/05/18 (Copyright T D Wright)
Garganey, Borrow Pit, 06/05/18 (Copyright T D Wright)
Finally! The brownish bill is a normal variant I believe even though every field guide shows them with a grey bill. Superb bird in either form.

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