Monday, 26 February 2018

Caspian Gull

Caspian Gull, Axe Estuary, 26/02/18 (Copyright T D Wright)
Thanks to Steve Waite for alerting me that one of at least 2 Caspian Gulls on the Axe this winter was loitering by the tramsheds. I wandered from the straight and narrow long enough to scan for and pinpoint the bird and grab some pictures. I have to say it's a bit underwhelming even for a Caspian Gull but I couldn't see anything better about! Why so many cripplers in Dorset and not much here? Anyone got an empty seat in their car and heading for Radipole?! Also around on Sunday was a Marsh Harrier still which I also took some record shots of.
Common Sandpiper, Axe Estuary, February 2018 (Copyright TDW)
Glossy Ibis, Seaton Marshes, Feb.2018 (Copyright TDW)
Caspian 1stW, Axe Estuary, 26/02/18 (Copyright TDW)
Caspian Gull 1stW, Axe Estuary, 26/02/18 (Copyright T D Wright)
Marsh Harrier, Colyford Common LNR, 25/02/18 (Copyright T D Wright)
Marsh Harrier, Axe Estuary, 25/02/18 (Copyright T D Wright)

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