Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Not Another Least Sandpiper!

As soon as I heard last night that there was a Least Sandpiper at Lodmoor I immediately thought "Oh no! That's the bird we had on Coly scrape the other evening"- especially when I saw the pics! In my defence, the views from Coly hide weren't the best and as far as the 2 photographers present were concerned the bird had dark legs so this scuppered the idea that it was a juvenile Least. We discussed other possibilities as the bird had such a long bill but just didn't have enough at the time to clinch its i.d. . As I cycled home, I wondered if it only appeared to have dark legs and hoped that somebody would get better views the next day. Not to be but I'm fully in agreement with Steve Waite and Phil Abbot, now that he's found a photo that shows us what we couldn't see at the time, that this was our first juvenile Least Sandpiper on the Axe. What we need now is a different species of American wader!

      Anyhow, I've seen a few birds today - Bar-tailed Godwit from Tower and Greenshanks (3), Green Sands (3) & Common Sands (5) on BHM & the estuary. Clive was about and reported the Spotted Redshank from Coly hide so thanks Mr. Williams. Last night a single juv. Sanderling was in front of Tower Hide too. September's been a blast so far! 😋

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