Saturday, 17 June 2017

Demoiselles Galore

Banded Demoiselle, Colyton, 11/06/2017(Copyright T D Wright)
Last weekend I took a couple of walks along different stretches of the Coly and found a hotspot for Beautiful Demoiselles on Saturday with 8 or more performing for my binoculars only. On Sunday, I took my camera so when I came across my first Banded Demoiselle of the year I grabbed a few pictures before it flew off. On the bird front, the Grey Wagtails have fledged at least 4, possibly 5  young, but I struggled to get close enough for a good photo and decided to leave them alone after this one:-                                                       
Grey Wagtail, Colyton, 11/06/17 (Copyright T D Wright)
There were also lots of hirundines about, especially Sand Martins...          
Sand Martin, Colyton, 11/06/17 (Copyright T D Wright)
Sorry that's all I've got but time has been limited lately. I did see a Green Woodpecker from the train and Peregrines over Exeter but no visits to the wetlands for a week or more now. VV Busy!

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