Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Wheatear at last!

Thanks to IM for providing the wheels to get me up Beer Head at 8:30 this morning. The Northerly 'wind' I spoke of yesterday was more of a gentle zephyr so no major fall of birds. For Beer head, the date is just ever-so-slightly early too. Even though one can see Portland from it the birds making landfall there rarely visit us. I think Sunday onwards ought to produce more variety. Having said all that, I did see a single Wheatear which Ian picked up as I unpacked my scope so I pointed it at the 'Bird on a Wire' as it afforded us prolonged views with the Sun behind us. It was all downhill from there - or possibly slightly undulating - as we noted a dearth of phylloscs or hirundines. We did see and hear about 8 Blackcaps and enjoyed several Stonechat and other resident birds, plus some friendly dogs. It will all happen soon, Igor, soon...

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