Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Seaton Sightings 1-3rd Feb.

We've got a mega-rare Brent Goose hanging around Seaton Marshes just now. I saw it an hour ago from the hide but it can also be seen from Black Hole at times. The Green-winged Teal seems to be alternating between Black Hole and Seaton Marshes North Flood. I saw it today on Black Hole but yesterday it showed brilliantly at Seaton Marshes. The large numbers of Common Gulls have had me looking for a Ring-billed but all I got today were 4 adult Med Gulls. One of them was ringed, however so I'll be interested to know where it's from of course. It had a yellow ring with 2E34 in black on it. No pics today but I'll get the camera out soon I reckon.

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