Tuesday, 28 May 2019


Dipper, Colyton 27/05/2019 (Copyright T D Wright)
Dipper, Colyton 02/05/2019 (Copyright T D Wright)
Bumping into a Dipper by Umbridge yesterday caused me to blog again with pictures attached! Sorry the blog's been text-only for a while but time has been limited for downloading photographs. Anyway, the Dippers fledged at least 2 chicks as I saw them at various points along the Coly being fed by the adults earlier this month. Hope you like the pics of them.
      Since my last post I have visited Coly Common which was worth doing as 8 Ringed Plovers and a Wheatear were on the scrape. At BHM a Goosander was briefly present but disappeared when I looked away so I don't know where it ended up! Anyhow, the Dippers...
Dipper, Colyton 27/05/2019 (Copyright T D Wright)
Mediterranean Gull 2ndSummer, BHM, Spring 2019 (Copyright T D Wright)
Dipper, Colyton 02/05/2019 (Copyright T D Wright)
Dunlin & Ringed Plovers, BHM, 22/05/2019 (Copyright T D Wright)
Goosander, BHM May 2019 (Copyright T D Wright)
Thought I'd throw in some recent pics while I'm at it! Enjoy...

Thursday, 23 May 2019

May the Waders Be With You

     Too much work and other stuff has kept me from blogging lately so I'll probably skip over some recent sightings as they are out of date now! Just last night I got down to Black Hole Marsh and noticed a redhead Goosander on one of the islands. In front of it were 2 Ringed Plover and 17 Dunlin. On the estuary, the male Wigeon was still hanging on after all the others have left. Also, the Greylag Goose could be seen distantly on Bridge Marsh.
     Other sightings since my last post have been Hobby, 2 Knot, Grey Plover, 5 Greenshanks and a Barwit but these I suspect have all moved on now. Colyton has myriad Swifts and the House Martins have been bolstered in number at last. Local Dippers fledged at least 2 chicks as I watched the adults feeding them along the Coly. Let's hope that Spring still has something left to give us.