Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Late November Whimbrel

       Having worked on Saturday I couldn't resist the opportunity of getting to Tower Hide on Sunday afternoon. It was well worth it too as the Whimbrel that Steve Waite reported the other day is still with us; a very late date for here. Amongst the throng of Curlew, Blackwit and Redshank there was also a lone Bar-tailed Godwit. Looking behind me onto Black Hole Marsh, I noticed that 4 Cattle Egrets were loitering with intent to roost nearby. It then got too dark which was a shame as we still had Dunlin and a good chance of more waders & ducks.
      Around Colyton, the Redwings, Mistle Thrushes and a lone Fieldfare were about today (Tuesday) but no Brambling among the Chaffinches yet. Still, we've got all winter for those now...

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Black Redstart 12/11/18

Black Redstart, West Walk (Seaton), 12/11/18 (Copyright T D Wright)
Black Redstart, West Walk (Seaton) 12/11/18 (Copyright T D Wright)
Black Redstart, Seaton 12/11/18 (Copyright T D Wright)
Black Redstart, Seaton 12/11/18 (Copyright T D Wright)
I also managed a brief foray along West Walk in the strong winds on Monday and was rewarded with superb views of the cracking male Black Redstart. Rock Pipit and Grey Wagtail were there too. None at the Yacht Club but the wind might have been keeping them down as Dave Helliar had three around the harbour next day. Lots of low-flying Redwing and Chaffinch the last couple of mornings over Colyton picnic site and Harepath Road, Seaton. More Mistle Thrush about too.

Arctic Tern Pics 12/11/18

Arctic Tern , Seaton 12/11/18 (Copyright T D Wright)
Arctic Tern + BH Gull, Seaton 12/11/18 (Copyright T D Wright)
Arctic Tern, Seaton 12/11/18 (Copyright T D Wright)
I couldn't post these the other day but here's some of my Arctic Tern shots. This bird may have been present since the 6th as Mike Hill reported a 1st Winter tern on the estuary that day. He wasn't sure which 'Commic' it was though so it's great that Steve Waite caught up with it on Saturday (or another?!) as this is a rare treat around here. Sandwich, Common and even Black Tern are more common on the estuary than Arctic. I have seen Arctic on the Axe before but that bird wasn't such a stayer. It's great that a good number of locals got to enjoy and photograph this one. It's all about location sometimes, isn't it?

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Dippers + Cattles

Dippers, Colyton November 2018 (Copyright T D Wright)
Cattle Egrets + Little Egret, Colyton 13/11/18 (Copyright T D Wright)
Cattle Egret, Colyton 13/11/18 (Copyright T D Wright)
I found time for a walk along the Coly today and although the Fieldfares weren't about I wasn't disappointed. A Green Woodpecker stopped me for a moment; then 2 Dippers flew in and performed beautifully on the rocks. One even quivered its wings at the other before they moved on. Out among the cows, a lone Cattle Egret took off to join 4 more which were heading back down to the wetlands. Exactly how many do we have?! It's double figures but possibly dozens!

Monday, 12 November 2018

Arctic Tern + Black Redstart

Just a quick update as I can't download pictures just now. The Arctic Tern is still present today - I saw it at lunchtime fly down the estuary and over the Yacht Club. It then joined the throng off Spot On for a while. At least one Black Redstart is still on the rocks toward Seaton Hole; I saw the stunning male today then turned back.
   On Saturday, I saw my first Fieldfares of the winter in Colyton then had 7 Cattle Egrets fly over Umborne Bridge. That's all I can do for now so good birding to you...

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Great White

Great White, Sheep's Marsh, Seaton 29/10/2018 (Copyright T D Wright)
I was in town wondering if I had time to walk up to Seaton Marshes before getting my bus when Tamara made my mind up for me by sending out news of a Great White moving about the Axe. Before I got to the hide I saw it fly across to Sheep's Marsh where it showed briefly then disappeared from view. Four Cattle Egrets were about so a nice - if brief - visit before dark.